Aggi Nauval

Direktur Investasi


Certified Financial Planner



Aggi Nauval Guntur Surapati, SE, MSi successfully obtained a Master of Science in Strategic Management (MSi) from the University of Indonesia, accompanied by an international education program from Kobe University, Japan.

Previously, Aggi had served in various strategic positions in national and international companies connected to investment activities (direct investment/indiect investment).

Aggi previously worked at a public company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, namely Panin Bank Syariah, officially conducting an IPO on January 15 2014. PT. Panin Bank Syariah is the first sharia bank to successfully go public with an asset value of IDR 17 trillion (RTI/31/12/2023)

Aggi is professionally registered with several entities, as follows:

  • PT Asliguna (Most Useful Application), Senior advisor
  • ORBIT multi asset trading signals, Director
  • LBP enterprises, Private Equity, Director¬†
  • LBP institute, Director
  • PHENOM Digital Bank Institute, Advisor¬†
  • Group CEO, Personal Digital Assistant Group.
  • PT Digilend Mobile Nusantara, Director
  • Karim Consulting, Strategic Partners

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